Who was the ‘I Go Meow Cat’ and when did they pass away?

Who was the ‘I Go Meow Cat’ and when did they pass away?

Popular internet-famous cat, Cala, also known as the ‘I Go Meow Cat,’ has recently passed away at the age of 12. The news of Cala’s death was shared by her owner, Elizabeth Toth, on social media.

Cala gained fame in April 2024 after a video of her seemingly singing the words “I Go Meow” went viral on TikTok, garnering over 30 million views. With a massive following of over 900 thousand on TikTok, 478 thousand on Instagram, and over a thousand on YouTube, Cala quickly became a beloved internet sensation.

The popular social media musical group The Kiffness even collaborated with Cala, sampling her viral moment in one of their videos that has amassed over two million views.

On May 30, 2024, Elizabeth announced Cala’s passing through a heartfelt video, expressing her devastation at losing her beloved feline companion. The video revealed that Cala had been older than initially thought by the shelter and vet, leading to health issues that ultimately resulted in her passing.

Fans of the ‘I Go Meow Cat’ have been left heartbroken by the news of Cala’s death, with many sharing their condolences and memories of the iconic feline online. Cala’s legacy as a talented and beloved internet sensation will surely live on in the hearts of her millions of fans around the world.