Who is Zachary Adams and where is he now?

Who is Zachary Adams and where is he now?

The disappearance of Holly Bobo captured the nation’s attention when she was last seen alive in 2011. Zachary Adams, a Tennessee native, was convicted of kidnapping and murdering Holly during a trial in 2017.

Three other men, Jason Autry, Shayne Austin, and Adams’ brother, John Dylan Adams, were also involved in the case.

Holly Bobo, a 20-year-old nursing student, went missing in 2011 and her remains were discovered in 2014. Her brother witnessed her walking with a man dressed in camouflage on the morning of her disappearance, thinking it was her boyfriend Drew. However, it was later revealed that she was being abducted.

During the trial, Autry testified that Holly was taken to a river, wrapped in a blanket, and shot to death by Adams.

Adams was sentenced to life in prison plus 50 years, while Autry received eight years and John Dylan Adams 35 years. Shayne Austin, who was initially granted immunity, died in 2015 of an apparent suicide.

In a surprising turn of events, Autry recanted his testimony in 2024, admitting that he lied to avoid a life sentence.

Adams’ lawyer filed petitions to have his conviction thrown out based on Autry’s new statements. A hearing for a potential new trial has been scheduled for June 14, 2024.

The case of Holly Bobo continues to unravel, raising questions about the conviction and the truth behind her tragic death.