Who is Wendy Williams’ ex-husband’s mistress Sharina Hudson and are she and Kevin Hunter still together?

Who is Wendy Williams’ ex-husband’s mistress Sharina Hudson? Are Sharina and Kevin Hunter still together?

A new documentary on talk show legend Wendy Williams is set to be aired this weekend, providing an in-depth look into her post-tv show and post-divorce life. The two-part special will uncover how she has moved on following the end of her talk show and her divorce from ex-husband Kevin Hunter.

Kevin Hunter is famously known as the ex-husband of American broadcaster and writer Wendy Williams, as well as the ex-manager who helped launch The Wendy Williams Show in 2008. The show’s executive producer worked on the show up until their split. Before meeting Williams, Hunter owned a beauty parlor.

The pair met at an ice skating rink in 1994 and tied the knot five years later in 1999. In August 2000, they welcomed their son, Kevin Hunter Jr.

Williams ultimately filed for divorce in April 2019 after over 20 years of marriage due to reports of Hunter fathering a child with his mistress, cheating, and abuse, among other accusations. Despite their bitter divorce being finalized in January 2020, Williams and Hunter continue to be connected through their son, Kevin Jr.

After the divorce, Hunter was receiving around $250,000 a month in alimony payments from Williams. However, according to court documents exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun, Williams would no longer have to pay her ex-husband as of February 2023. This came after Wells Fargo Bank claimed Williams was an “incapacitated person” and obtained financial guardianship over her in May 2022.

In his attempts to get alimony reinstated, Hunter claimed that his livelihood depended on these payments, but his efforts were denied by a judge. As a result, Hunter was forced to sell his Florida home.

Sharina Hudson is said to be Hunter’s mistress with whom he had a 15-year affair. She is also thought to be the mother of their daughter, Journey. In Williams’ “What a Mess!” documentary, she said TV and radio personality Charlamagne introduced her ex-husband to Hudson.

Currently, it remains unclear whether Hudson and Hunter are still together. Hunter confirmed their relationship in December 2022 and, however, in July 2023, he removed most traces of Hudson from his Instagram page, raising questions about their relationship status.

In an interview, Williams admitted she didn’t know if Hudson and Hunter were still together and wasn’t aware of how they are raising their daughter, Journey.