Who is Sean Payton’s wife Skylene Montgomery?

Who is Sean Payton’s wife Skylene Montgomery?

Former beauty pageant queen Skylene Montgomery has recently tied the knot with star NFL coach Sean Payton. Payton, who is the head coach for the Denver Broncos, has an impressive coaching career, having worked with teams like the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, and Dallas Cowboys.

Sean Payton, 60, began his coaching career after retiring as a quarterback. He took on the challenge of coaching the struggling New Orleans Saints and led them to their first-ever Superbowl victory in 2009. Payton has a record of 161-97, making him the most successful coach in the history of the Saints.

In June 2021, Payton married Skylene Montgomery in a private ceremony in Mexico. Skylene, 39, is a former beauty pageant queen who represented West Virginia in the Miss USA contest in 2008. She has a background in medicine and has worked as an assistant nurse at St Mary’s Hospital.

Prior to marrying Skylene, Sean Payton was married to Beth Shuey for over two decades. The couple split in 2014, and Payton has two children, Meghan and Connor, from his first marriage.

Despite his retirement in 2021, Sean Payton made a comeback as the head coach for the Denver Broncos in January 2023. His wife, Skylene Montgomery, continues to support him in his successful coaching career.