Who is Ms Rachel’s husband, Aron Accurso?

Who is Ms Rachel’s husband, Aron Accurso?

Rachel Griffin Accurso, more commonly known as Ms. Rachel, has taken the internet by storm with her viral “Songs for Littles” series, capturing the hearts of parents and children worldwide.

Alongside her on the show is her husband, Aron Accurso, a Broadway music composer, director, and pianist hailing from Denver, Colorado.

Aron’s impressive resume includes Broadway credits for shows such as Aladdin, Sister Act, Little Mermaid, and Billy Elliot. He has also received multiple awards for his musical The Dogs of Pripyat and has showcased his piano skills on popular television shows like The Bachelorette.

Rachel, who holds two master’s degrees from New York University in music education and early childhood education, began creating educational YouTube videos for toddlers and families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her channel quickly gained popularity, amassing over 10 million subscribers and millions of views on her individual videos.

In a 2023 interview with Parents magazine, Rachel expressed her gratitude at being able to combine her dreams of being a singer-songwriter, teacher, and mother into one fulfilling career.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2016, share one son named Thomas. Thomas, who inspired Rachel to create her YouTube channel after he was diagnosed with a speech delay, has since overcome his challenges and is now a talkative “chatterbox.”

Rachel often credits her son as the inspiration behind her work and continues to create content that educates and entertains children worldwide.