UNFORGETTABLE Who is Mitch Winehouse? Father of the Back To Black singer Amy

Who is Mitch Winehouse, father of Amy Winehouse?

Mitchell Winehouse is known to the public as the father of the late singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. He is set to be portrayed on the big screen in the upcoming movie “Back to Black,” which delves into the life of Amy Winehouse.

Born on December 4, 1950, in Stoke Newington, London, Mitch welcomed Amy into the world on September 14, 1983, with his pharmacist ex-wife Janis. He worked as a taxi driver to support his family, which also included their eldest son, Alex. After Mitch and Janis separated when Amy was nine, she split her time living with her mother and spending weekends with her father and his girlfriend in Essex.

Since Amy’s tragic passing on July 23, 2011, Mitch has gained recognition for his own singing abilities, releasing his own record in 2010. Born and raised in London to a Jewish family, Mitch has a diverse background, with Amy’s great-great-grandfather emigrating from Belarus to London.

In 1996, Mitch married Jane Winehouse, who is a co-founder and managing trustee of the Amy Winehouse Foundation. However, in 2023, Mitch revealed that they had split after over three decades together due to the stress of Amy’s struggles with addiction.

Currently, Mitch, the chair of the Amy Winehouse Foundation, has a successful career as a classical jazz singer paying homage to legends like Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald. He has toured the US and performed in Brazil, continuing to book performances through British entertainment agencies.

Eddie Marsan plays Mitch in the film “Back to Black” and has expressed the importance of portraying Mitch as a complex, regular father trying to support his daughter through her fame and struggles. Despite facing criticism from some of Amy’s fans, Mitch has been candid about his daughter’s addiction battles and her tragic passing.

In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of Amy’s death, a documentary called “Reclaiming Amy” aired where Mitch shared his ongoing grief and feeling of Amy’s presence lingering. He believes that Amy’s spirit continues to visit him and the family, bringing comfort in difficult times.

Although Mitch faced a breakdown after Amy’s death, he sought therapy and managed to find peace by remembering Amy as she was before her struggles. Through it all, Mitch remains dedicated to honoring Amy’s legacy and supporting the Amy Winehouse Foundation.