Who is Lady Gaga’s boyfriend Michael Polansky?

Who is Lady Gaga’s boyfriend Michael Polansky?

Lady Gaga, one of the world’s most famous pop stars, has been publicly declaring her love for her boyfriend, Michael Polansky. But who is he?

Michael Polansky is a successful businessman and philanthropist who is the co-creator and executive director of the Parker Foundation.

This organization, established in 2015, focuses on supporting philanthropic efforts in various sectors such as life sciences, global public health, civic engagements, and the arts.

Polansky is also involved with the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, which funds research for cancer treatment.

With a reported net worth of approximately $600 million, Polansky has made his fortune through his various business ventures and investments. He graduated from Harvard in 2006 with a degree in applied mathematics and computer science.

Gaga and Michael were first linked romantically on New Year’s Eve in 2020 and their relationship has since blossomed. Gaga has publicly expressed her admiration for Polansky’s work, particularly in the field of cancer treatment and technology.

She has described him as the “love of my life” and has been vocal about how she is supporting his endeavors.

While the details of how Gaga and Michael first met are still unclear, it has been speculated that they connected through a mutual friend, Sean Parker.

The couple has been together for over three years, with Gaga sharing intimate moments on social media and speaking fondly of their relationship in interviews.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gaga referred to Michael as “the man I love” and stated that he is “my whole life.” The couple’s relationship seems to be going strong, despite rumors of a possible pregnancy after Gaga was spotted with a bump at a family event in June 2024.

This is Gaga’s third public relationship, following engagements to Taylor Kinney in 2015 and Christian Carino in 2018. Her relationship with Christian Carino ended in February 2019 after two years of dating, with the couple confirming their split to People magazine.