PREDATOR'S TRAP What to know about Kristi Johnson's murderer, Victor Paleologus

Who is Kristi Johnson’s murderer, Victor Paleologus?

An aspiring actress, Kristi Johnson, went missing after being lured to a fake audition by convicted predator Victor Paleologus.

The 21-year-old’s remains were discovered in the Hollywood Hills by hikers on March 3, 2003, with the cause of death determined to be strangulation.

Paleologus, a former restaurateur from Los Angeles, is currently serving time at the California Institution for Men in Chino for Kristi’s murder. Born on July 16, 1962, he has a history of attempting to rape women and posing as a film agent to lure victims.

The fake auditions Paleologus used to attract young women were a ruse, promising roles in Disney or James Bond movies. Many women reported similar encounters with him leading up to Kristi’s disappearance.

After pleading guilty to Kristi’s murder in 2006, Paleologus was sentenced to 25 years in prison with the possibility of parole. His next parole hearing is scheduled for November 2025.

Terry, Kristi’s mother, expressed concern about the possibility of Paleologus being granted parole, citing the diminishing rights of victims over the years.

Ultimately, it was the bravery of Susan Murphy and her boyfriend that led to Paleologus’s identification in a police lineup, following an attack on Susan a month prior to Kristi’s disappearance.