Who is Jessie James Decker?

Who is Jessie James Decker?

Thanks to the success of her hit singles ‘Wanted’ and Boys in the Summer, Jessie James Decker has become a popular figure in both country and pop music scenes.

She has appeared on reality TV shows such as Eric & Jessie: Game On and Dancing with the Stars.

Jessie James Decker, born on April 12, 1988, in Vicenza, Italy, rose to fame with the release of her self-titled debut album on August 11, 2009.

Her singles Wanted, ‘Boys in the Summer,’ ‘I Do,’ ‘Lights Down Low,’ and ‘I Still Love You’ have further cemented her place in the music industry. In October 2017, she released her second studio album, Southern Girl City Lights.

In addition to her music career, Jessie is also known for her family life. She married former NFL player Eric Decker on June 22, 2013, and the couple has four children together. Their family life was documented on their own E! reality show Eric & Jessie: Game On from 2013 to 2017. Recently, Jessie competed in season 31 of Dancing with the Stars, finishing in 10th place.

With an estimated net worth of $10 million, Jessie James Decker’s success extends beyond music. She is also a New York Times best-selling author and operates the Kittenish clothing brand. Jessie’s entrepreneurial spirit and determination serve as inspiration for others to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

Following the birth of their fourth child, Denver Calloway Decker, on February 9, 2024, Jessie and Eric Decker continue to balance their busy careers with family life.

Their journey as a couple and as parents is followed by fans and admirers alike, making them beloved and relatable public figure.