40 YEARS STRONG Everything to know about Jay Leno's wife, MavisCOMEDIAN Jay Leno has been granted conservatorship to take care of his wife Mavis. The former TV star's wife of four decades is currently going through a battle with dementia.

Who is Jay Leno’s wife, Mavis?

Jay Leno, the beloved comedian and former TV host, has been granted conservatorship to take care of his wife, Mavis, who is battling dementia.

The couple, who has been married since 1980, has no children. Despite Mavis’s influential work as a philanthropist, she is currently facing challenges with her memory and recognition. Jay initiated the conservatorship to establish a living trust for Mavis to ensure her financial well-being if he were to pass away.

This decision comes after Mavis was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a common form of dementia. Court documents revealed that Mavis sometimes does not recognize her husband or remember her date of birth.

Despite her lifelong commitment to women’s rights and her global recognition for her work with the Feminist Majority Foundation, Mavis is now in need of assistance to manage her financial affairs.

This recent development in the Lenos’ lives follows a series of health scares for Jay. In 2022, he suffered serious burns to his face after one of his cars suddenly caught fire.

Despite undergoing skin-grafting surgeries, Jay remained optimistic and joked about the experience. Just a few months later, he was involved in another incident, where he sustained multiple injuries while riding a vintage motorcycle.

In the midst of these challenges, Jay Leno has taken on the responsibility of caring for his wife, ensuring that she receives the support and protection she needs as she battles dementia.

This decision reflects Jay’s deep commitment to his wife of four decades and his determination to navigate these difficult circumstances together.

Despite the setbacks, Jay remains resilient and focused on providing the best possible care for Mavis, as they face this new chapter in their lives.