Who is James Brenner and where is he now?

Who is James Brenner and where is he now?

19-year-old Dylan Rounds tragically went missing after speaking with his grandmother on the phone back in May 2022.

His “neighbor,” James Brenner, was charged with his murder in March 2023 but refused to reveal the location of Dylan’s remains until April 2024.

Several months after Dylan’s disappearance, James Brenner was charged with possessing a firearm while being a felon. Despite not initially being considered a suspect, Dylan’s family had suspicions about Brenner, who had a criminal history and had lived on Dylan’s property in the past. During a search of Brenner’s trailer, authorities found incriminating evidence related to “muzzle loading.”

Phone records and DNA evidence further linked Brenner to Dylan’s disappearance, as well as a time-lapse video showing Brenner cleaning a gun with blood stains on his arms and shirt. Finally, after negotiations with prosecutors, Brenner led investigators to Dylan’s remains in a remote area of northern Utah in April 2024.

As part of a plea deal, James Brenner faces a reduced prison sentence in exchange for revealing the location of Dylan Rounds’ body. The family expressed gratitude for finally being able to bring Dylan home and continue seeking justice for their son. James Brenner remains in jail as of April 2024, awaiting further legal proceedings.

The Box Elder County Sheriff’s Office thanked law enforcement and volunteers for their efforts in finding Dylan, emphasizing the importance of community support in such cases. The exact details of the plea agreement and whether the case will go to trial in May 2024 remain uncertain.