Felicity alum Erich Anderson dies at 67 after battle with cancer as wife Saxon Trainor shares tribute to late actor

Who is Erich Anderson’s wife, Saxon Trainor?

Erich Anderson, best known for his role in the popular TV series Felicity, sadly passed away on June 1, 2024, after a battle with cancer. The actor, aged 67, leaves behind his wife, actress Saxon Trainor, who confirmed the news of his passing.

Erich Anderson had a successful career in Hollywood, with his breakout role in the film Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter in 1984. He went on to star in numerous TV shows, including NYPD Blue, Bosch, and Felicity. Aside from acting, Anderson also had writing credits on the TV series The Marshal.

Before his death, Anderson had been married to Saxon Trainor since November 29, 2003. Trainor, who is also an actress, posted a tribute to their 20th anniversary on Instagram in 2023, reflecting on their enduring love and laughter over the years.

Born on July 22, 1963, Trainor began her acting career in 1991 and has appeared in various hit TV shows, such as Dexter, ER, and The Rookie.

Erich Anderson’s passing was confirmed by his wife, Saxon Trainor, who shared the news on Instagram. “My husband Erich passed this morning,” she wrote. “I am too bereft to write anything, so I am sharing my brother-in-law Michael O’Malley’s words.”

O’Malley paid tribute to Anderson’s wit, cooking skills, and enduring spirit, stating, “His ordeal is over, and he will be deeply missed.”