Who is Donovan Clingan’s girlfriend, Madeleine Ross?

Who is Donovan Clingan’s girlfriend, Madeleine Ross?

Donovan Clingan, the star player for the University of Connecticut basketball team, has announced his decision to enter the 2024 NBA Draft in April. Standing at an impressive 7’2”, Clingan has caught the attention of many fans with his dominant presence on the court.

During his time at UConn, Clingan helped lead the team to two consecutive NCAA national championship victories in 2023 and 2024. His skills as a center have earned him comparisons to other top college basketball players, such as Zach Edey.

Off the court, Clingan’s personal life has also intrigued fans, particularly his relationship with girlfriend Madeleine Ross. The couple has been together since at least 2020 and have been sharing their love on social media.

As Clingan prepares to take the next step in his basketball career, many are speculating where he will end up in the draft. ESPN has ranked him as the number three prospect on their Top 100 List of NBA draft hopefuls, and CBS Sports projects that he will be selected third overall.

The 2024 NBA Draft is set to take place in New York City on June 26 and June 27, where Clingan hopes to realize his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA.