Who is Dance Moms’ Brooke Hyland’s fiancé, Brian Thalman?

Who is Dance Moms’ Brooke Hyland’s fiancé, Brian Thalman?

Brooke Hyland captured the hearts of viewers around the world during her time on Dance Moms, where she showcased her impressive dancing skills alongside her sister, Paige Hyland, and their mother, Kelly Hyland.

However, fans are now eager to learn more about Brooke’s personal life, particularly her relationship with her fiancé, Brian Thalman.

Brian Thalman, an enterprise account manager, popped the question to Brooke in May 2024 at Frick Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The couple had been dating for nearly three years before taking this significant step forward in their relationship. Sharing the news on Instagram, Brooke expressed joy and surprise at the romantic proposal, which involved a clever ploy orchestrated by Brian’s family.

Despite the engagement, Brooke and Brian are taking their time with wedding plans, ensuring that everything is just right for their big day. Their families were thrilled to witness the special moment and celebrated with a delightful brunch afterwards.

In a recent interview with E! News, Brooke reflected on her time on Dance Moms, sharing that while she doesn’t miss dancing, she does feel a sense of nostalgia looking back at her final performance. Paige also chimed in, expressing her gratitude for the impactful experience the show provided.

In a recent and heartbreaking turn of events, the Hyland family received news that their matriarch, Kelly Hyland, has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Kelly’s children, Brooke, Paige, and Josh, are rallying around her with unwavering love and support as she navigates through this challenging journey. Despite the difficult road ahead, the family remains positive and hopeful, knowing that Kelly is a strong and resilient woman who will overcome this obstacle with grace.