Who is Bradley Walsh’s daughter Hayley Walsh?

Who is Bradley Walsh’s daughter Hayley Walsh?

Bradley Walsh, the well-known TV host, is not just a father to Barney but also has a daughter named Hayley.

While Barney has pursued a career in showbiz like his family, Hayley has chosen a different path.

Who is Bradley Walsh’s daughter Hayley Walsh?

Hayley Walsh, born in 1982 and residing in Hertfordshire, decided not to pursue a career in entertainment like her famous family members. Instead, she works as a reflexologist.

Currently living with her partner Tom, their son Dax, and their dog Ned, Hayley has maintained two separate Instagram accounts—one for personal use and one for her reflexology business.

When was Hayley Walsh’s baby born?

Hayley and Tom kept their pregnancy news under wraps initially, but Bradley couldn’t contain his excitement.

Baby Dax was welcomed into the world in November 2021, with Bradley sharing the joyous news of becoming a grandfather.

In an interview with Saga magazine, Bradley expressed his happiness, emphasizing how challenging it was to not be able to see the newborn due to lockdown restrictions.

He playfully added some grandfatherly advice for toddler-hood as well.

Hayley comes as the first child of Bradley with his ex-wife, Debby Parker. Besides Hayley, Bradley also shares a son named Barney with his wife, Donna Derby.

Who is Hayley Walsh’s boyfriend Tom?

While Hayley prefers to keep her personal life private, it’s known that she is in a relationship with a man named Tom. However, details about their relationship beyond that remain undisclosed due to Hayley’s private social media presence.

The couple is believed to be residing in Hertfordshire.

What does Hayley Walsh do for a living?

In contrast to her family members, Hayley has chosen a career outside of showbiz. She works as a MAR Reflexologist and runs her own reflexology business, trained at the London School of Reflexology.

Her Instagram page dedicated to reflexology provided a platform for her to share her pregnancy news with her followers.

She has been preparing for the arrival of her baby, as indicated by a post that read: “On maternity leave.”