Who is boxer Stefi Cohen and why was she arrested?

Who is boxer Stefi Cohen and why was she arrested?

Athlete Stefi Cohen, known for breaking numerous records in strength sports, found herself making headlines once again in 2024, but this time for a very different reason. On May 28, 2024, Cohen was arrested on multiple criminal charges, including sexual cyber-harassment, according to the Miami Dade County Sheriff’s Office.

Stefi Cohen, whose legal name is Stefanie Cohen Margarici, is a professional boxer, powerlifter, and fitness influencer who is based in Miami, Florida. She is known for sharing workout advice and motivational content on social media platforms. As of 2020, Cohen had 25 all-time world records in various strength sports.

The charges against Cohen stem from accusations that she hacked into her ex-boyfriend’s computer and shared unauthorized naked photos of his new girlfriend. The victim reported the crimes to the police in November 2023, stating that Cohen accessed the computer in March 2022 and shared the nude photos on group chats that the victim was part of.

During her arrest, Cohen reportedly resisted by attempting to physically harm an officer. Although she was eventually detained, she managed to break the locking system on the door of the police car using her toes. Following her arrest, Cohen was taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

The day after her arrest, Cohen appeared in court before Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Mindy Glazer. She was granted a $3,300 bond and ordered to stay away from her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend.

This incident has brought a significant amount of attention to Stefi Cohen, who was previously known for her accomplishments in the world of strength sports.