Who is Boston Celtics player Al Horford’s wife, Amelia Vega? All about the former Miss Universe

Who is Boston Celtics player Al Horford’s wife Amelia Vega ? All about the former Miss Universe

NBA Star Al Horford’s Wife: Who is Amelia Vega?

Al Horford, a prominent NBA player for the Boston Celtics, has been married to his wife, Amelia Vega, for more than ten years.

Amelia Vega, born in the Dominican Republic on November 7, 1984, is a multi-talented individual, excelling in modeling, acting, singing, and even writing children’s books.

The couple tied the knot in December 2011 and celebrated their fifth anniversary in 2016.

Al Horford took to Instagram to express his love and gratitude for his wife, calling her “a dream come true in my life.”

Amelia Vega is not only a successful model and actress but also a former beauty queen.

In 2003, she made history by becoming the first-ever contestant from the Dominican Republic to win the prestigious Miss Universe pageant. Standing tall at 6’2”, she is also the tallest Miss Universe winner to date.

Amelia Vega and Al Horford are proud parents to five children: Ean Joel, Alia Amelia, Ava Amelia, Nova Amelia, and Mila Amelia Horford Vega.

Their youngest child was born in January 2021, bringing immense joy and gratitude to the family.

Amelia Vega’s talents, beauty, and humanitarian work have made her a beloved figure, with a large following on Instagram.

Her marriage to Al Horford continues to be a source of inspiration and admiration for many.

Al Horford and Amelia Vega.