BEST PAR NONE All the details you need ahead of this year's Masters Par 3 contest

What you need to know ahead of 2024 Masters Par 3 contest

The anticipation is building as the famous Masters tournament at Augusta approaches. But before the serious competition kicks off, players and fans alike have the chance to enjoy a more relaxed event – the Par 3 contest.

Taking place on April 10, the day before the main tournament begins, the Par 3 contest is a long-standing tradition at the Augusta National grounds. Players, both competing and non-competing, as well as former Masters champions, come together to play a nine-hole course consisting entirely of par 3 holes.

The contest provides a lighthearted atmosphere where players can unwind before the intensity of the Masters tournament. With each hole ranging from 90 to 155 yards, the pros have the opportunity to show off their skills and even nail a hole-in-one.

Families also play a big role in the Par 3 contest, with wives and children of the players often seen caddying and even taking a swing themselves. It’s a fun event where the focus is on enjoyment rather than competition.

Fans in the UK and the USA can catch the action live on or ESPN, with coverage starting at 2pm and 3pm ET respectively. While the lineup for this year’s contest is yet to be announced, it’s sure to be a thrilling event ahead of the Masters tournament.

One interesting fact is that no golfer has won both the Par 3 contest and the Masters tournament in the same year, leading to a superstition known as the Par 3 curse. With a rich history of past winners, this year’s contest is bound to be full of excitement and surprises.