MAMA MANIA Everything we know about Mama Mai on The Price Is Right

What know about Mama Mai on The Price Is Right

Mama Mai, the beloved mother of The Price Is Right announcer George Gray, has captured the hearts of fans of the hit game show. Her presence on the show has made her a fan-favorite and viewers are eager to learn more about her background.

George Gray often gives a shout-out to his mother at the start of every show, introducing host Drew Carey with a cheerful “Hi, Mama Mai!” This tradition started in early 2014 and has since become a beloved part of the show.

Fans of The Price Is Right were curious about Mama Mai’s identity, prompting George to confirm on social media that she is indeed his mother. The TV personality has also taken to Instagram to share special moments with his mom, including celebrating her 88th birthday on the show.

Mama Mai has not only received shout-outs but has also made appearances on The Price Is Right alongside her son. The mother-son duo shared a heartwarming moment on the show, bringing smiles to audiences and viewers alike.

In addition to her appearances on The Price Is Right, Mama Mai has been praised by her son for her impressive breakfast-eating skills. George Gray, a 57-year-old TV personality and comedian, has expressed his love and admiration for his mother on various occasions.

George, who became the announcer for The Price Is Right in April 2011, has a background in hosting game shows and has been involved in philanthropic causes. He is well-loved by fans of the show and continues to bring joy to audiences with his charismatic personality.

Fans of The Price Is Right can catch new episodes airing on CBS on weekdays, as well as streaming on platforms like CBS’ website, Paramount+, and Pluto TV. The show, now in its 52nd season, has had a long history of entertaining viewers and has seen a few different hosts over the years.

Mama Mai’s presence on The Price Is Right has added a special touch to the show, creating memorable moments for fans and viewers alike. Her relationship with her son George Gray has warmed the hearts of many, making her a cherished part of the beloved game show.