‘Who TF Did I Marry?’: What is the gossip series taking TikTok by storm?

What is ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ and what is the gossip series taking TikTok by storm?

TikTok enthusiasts have been kept on the edge of their seats by the Who TF Did I Marry? series.

One lady tells the story of her failed marriage, but what is it actually about?

What is ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’

‘Who TF Did I Marry?’ is a 50-part TikTok story that has taken over the social media app by storm.

The saga is narrated by a woman called Reesa Teesa, which focuses on her story of marrying and divorcing a man called Legion who she claims is a ‘pathological liar’.

The series has had users on the edge of their seats across nearly eight hours of video that dissects her messy marriage.

The videos have accumulated millions of views after people became engrossed with a relationship ‘riddled with red flags’.

“You would have thought I was colorblind because I ignored all of that,” Teesa said in one of the videos.

She hopes to help others to trust their gut instinct with similar situations so they can avoid a similar fate.

Where can I watch ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’

You can watch the entire series of Who TF Did I Marry? on TikTok.

It is available to watch on Reesa Teesa’s page under @reesamteesa.

As of February 2024 she has an impressive 2.2million followers.

Who is Reesa Teesa?

Teesa is a female TikToker who has gone viral for her 50-part video series on her toxic marriage.

Reesa Teesa is not actually her real name and is just her online name, which she says she uses for privacy reasons.

She hails from Georgia in southeast US.

Teesa explained how she met Legion through a Facebook dating site in March 2020, and that they hit it off immediately.

Who is Legion?

Legion is the ex-husband of Teesa who is telling the story.

He is the main focus of the story as Teesa lets her followers in of the drama of her relationship.

The pair got married in January 2021 but the TikTok series reveals that the relationship was full of lies.

Teesa has since filed for divorce from her husband Legion.