POWER COUPLE Kristie Mewis and Sam Kerr relationship timeline explainedTHE UNITED States Women's National Team beat Australia to win a bronze medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Kristie Mewis and Sam Kerr relationship timeline explained

The United States Women’s National Team clinched a bronze medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after defeating Australia. Following the match, Team USA’s Kristie Mewis was spotted consoling Australia’s star player, Sam Kerr, leading to speculations about their relationship status.

Kristie Mewis and Sam Kerr had been sparking dating rumors even before the Olympics kicked off. Their social media interactions and pictures from the bronze medal game caught the attention of fans. Mewis and Kerr shared a sweet exchange on Instagram prior to the event, hinting at a close bond between them.

During the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, the pair faced off against each other, with Mewis ultimately coming out on top. After the game, Mewis was seen comforting Kerr on the field, showcasing their bond. A few days later, on August 8, 2021, the couple confirmed their romance on Instagram by sharing a photo of them sharing a kiss.

In November 2023, Kristie Mewis and Sam Kerr took their relationship to the next level by announcing their engagement. The couple shared a series of pictures where Kerr was seen proposing to Mewis, confirming their commitment to each other.

As of 2024, Sam Kerr plays for Chelsea FC Women in England, while Kristie Mewis represents Gotham FC in New Jersey. Despite the distance, the couple has been vocal about their relationship, sharing insights on how they navigate the challenges of being apart. Both players emphasized the importance of supporting each other in their careers and understanding the demands of the sport.

Mewis and Kerr’s relationship has captured the hearts of fans, who continue to follow their journey both on and off the field. The couple’s commitment to each other and their shared passion for soccer have solidified their bond, paving the way for a bright future together.