How many kids does Mandy Moore have?

How many kids does Mandy Moore have?

Mandy Moore and Taylor Goldsmith are celebrating a growing family, three years after tying the knot. The couple, who welcomed their first child in February 2021, now have two sons, Gus and Ozzie, and are expecting a baby girl.

Mandy, known for her role in the hit TV series This Is Us, shared the news of her expanding family through social media posts, expressing her joy and gratitude for their blessings. The couple’s second son, Ozzie, was born in October 2022, following the birth of their first son, Gus, in 2021.

Their journey into parenthood has been filled with love and happiness, as Mandy describes the experience as life in Technicolor. She acknowledges the impact of motherhood on her perspective and choices in life, emphasizing the profound love she feels for her children.

Mandy and Taylor’s relationship started with a simple shoutout on Instagram, when Mandy posted about Taylor’s band. Their connection blossomed from there, leading to a beautiful love story that culminated in their intimate backyard wedding in November 2018.