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How long will it take Guinness World Records to certify Hilda Baci?

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Nigerian chef Hilda Bassey, popularly known as Hilda Baci, has broken the Guinness World Record for cooking marathon by a single person. However, she has not been certified yet by the organization.

The attention of the Guinness World Records organization has been drawn to the record attempt and they were swift to respond. They have stated that they are aware of Hilda’s attempt but due diligence would be conducted before she is certified.

“We are aware of the record attempt and are looking forward to receiving the evidence for our Records Management Team to review, before we can confirm the record is official,” an official from the Guinness World Records said on their website.

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While the organization is reviewing Hilda’s record, many have been asking how long it would take them to certify the chef. We got the answers from a quick research we conducted on their official website.

The review of attempts and certifications is done in two standards after an application by the individual has been submitted.

According to its official website, the review of attempt varies and depend on the type of application selected. The application comes in two forms; Standard and Priority.

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The length of time for the application process and then the evidence review for the attempt itself depends on the type of application you have selected.

Per their Standard application process, it takes up to 12 weeks due to the high volume of applications they receive from applicants worldwide. And it’s absolutely free.

The Priority application process, on the other hand, is expedited but comes at a cost. Applicants who choose the Priority process will have their applications attended to you within five working days (as opposed to the usual 12 weeks).

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But, they will pay a certain amount to get this done as quickly as possible. According to them, the Priority application for an existing record costs US $800 ( £500 or €630) and a new record costs $1,000 US (£650 or €820).

So, in the case of Hilda Baci, if she chooses the normal process, it would take her 12 weeks from now to be certified. This means she would have to wait until the first week in August 2023 before she can be approved or receive her certificate.

So, there you have it.

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