Nat Banini: Veteran Actor Now A Nurse In US, Shares Why He Switched From The Arts (Video)

Veteran actor Nat Banini shares why he switched from the arts

Veteran Ghanaian actor Nat Banini, known for his roles in several movies, has shared a surprising career switch. Banini, 64, revealed that he’s been practicing as a nurse in the U.S. for the past 17 years during an interview with Giovani Caleb on 3FM.

Banini explained that he made the change to healthcare from arts after encountering certain conditions in the U.S. that led him to consider a new profession. He admitted that he had no previous medical experience before relocating to the United States, but he embraced the change through a “travel and see” approach.

While he misses his acting career, Banini emphasized how his nursing career has taught him valuable skills such as confidence and time management, which are applicable to movie sets.

The veteran actor also praised the U.S. for offering opportunities regardless of age, showcasing how his switch from entertainment to healthcare has been rewarding.

Banini’s revelation comes as quite the surprise to fans who have seen him in movies such as Escape To Love, Lost Hope, Who Killed Nancy?, and many others.