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Twene Jonas spotted doing food deliveries in New York (VIDEO)

Recent development shows Twene Jonas lives the opposite of what he claims.

US-based Ghanaian social media commentator Twene Jonas has been spotted hustling as a food delivery man in New York City.

A customer who didn’t anticipate Twene Jonas delivering his food was surprised to see him at his doorstep.

Twene Jonas, who claims to be a millionaire, has constantly bragged about owning luxury cars and living a millionaire’s life. To back his claims, he shares his expensive lifestyle on social media.

However, recent development shows he lives the opposite of what he claims, even though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Being a delivery man is still a hustle.

The video of Twene Jonas delivering food in New York has attracted wild reactions on social media, but most of the comments are positive. He has received massive support from social media users.

“Nothing wrong with him hustling or delivering food. What is wrong is how claims to be a millionaire and have friends in high places,” Instagram user ‘ghalex_chosen’ said.

“Why the fake life saf? I don’t understand,” user ‘mrpinkgh’ said.

“Y’all mad cause he’s working, Ghanaians… lemme guess y’all prefer him to say, ‘I’m planning to,’ ‘o there’s some contract be,’ ‘I’m waiting on my… o sorry, I’m working with my uncle’,” another user ‘missalomo’ commented.

Another user ‘anthony__atua’ added: “Gyimii saaaa instead of learning from what he’s preaching nu see the nonsense never help a black man with both hands.”

Watch the full video below and share your candid comments with us.

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