Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Campaign Holds Comedy Fundraiser in Los Angeles

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. campaign holds comedy fundraiser in Los Angeles

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. held a campaign fundraising event in Los Angeles this past Wednesday night, featuring a comedic twist with a stand-up comedy event hosted by Kennedy’s wife and actress, Cheryl Hines.

The event, titled “A Night of Laughter With RFK Jr. & Friends,” took place at the Million Dollar Theater and showcased performances by a lineup of well-known comedians including Jeremy Piven, Bobby Lee, Rob Schneider, and Mike Binder, among others.

The fundraising event was part of a series of comedy shows planned across the U.S. as part of Kennedy’s campaign efforts to continue raising campaign funds. Kennedy, who is a first-time presidential candidate, is currently polling in mid- to high single digits in key U.S. states, according to RealClearPolitics.

The event also included an after-party for $1000 Silver and $1500 Gold contributors. According to the report, Cheryl Hines expressed her belief that Kennedy is more likely to take votes from Trump than from Biden.

This star-studded event follows Hines’ debut hosting appearance at a campaign rally in 2023. With Kennedy gaining traction in the political arena, the comedic fundraiser continues to contribute to his presidential campaign efforts.