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‘My contract with Highly Spiritual Music has ended; can’t stay at one place’ – Mr Drew

MTN Hitmaker season 7 finalist Mr Drew has said the lack of exposure for his recent works after his contract ended with Highly Spiritual Record label shouldn’t be linked with his formal label. He said the media rather hasn’t done well highlighting his works.

The “Dw3” singer has clarified that his contract with Highly Spiritual Music has ended, and not that he had left the label as previously reported.

“I have been recording songs, playing shows, and working hard, just that it hasn’t been highlighted enough,” he told Cookie Tee on TV3 Ghana on Tuesday.

“I have not left Highly Spiritual Music; my contract with the label has ended,” he disclosed. “There is a contract renewal clause in my contract but it’s not obligatory to sign again. It’s optional; if you want to renew it, that’s fine. But, for now, I can only say that my contract with Highly Spiritual Music has ended.”

He said he appreciates the efforts of his former label but there’s time for everything, which is why he refused to renew his contract with Highly Spiritual.

“I don’t think they haven’t done enough for me. It’s more of moving ahead as an artist. It doesn’t have to do with whether they did enough or not. Everybody wants to grow, everybody is looking for progress. You can’t stay in one place for a long time.”

While many artists leave sour relationships with their former labels, Mr Drew said he speaks with Kaywa, the CEO of Highly Spiritual Music, every day, adding that he received his blessing before leaving.

“I have Kaywa’s blessings and I speak to him almost every time. I was recently at his mother’s funeral,” he added.

Watch the full interview below.

David Mawuli
David Mawuli
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