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Kwame A Plus calls out Christians: ‘They’re too intolerant, judgemental’ (VIDEO)

Kwame A Plus has called out Christians in Ghana for being too judgemental and intolerant.

Ghanaian activist and former hiplife star Kwame Asare Obeng, also known as Kwame A Plus, has called out Christians in Ghana for being too judgmental and intolerant.

According to him, everyone is born with a conscience that dictates good and evil, but Christians make their religion seem it’s the only way to know the Almighty God. He said Christians do the opposite of the Bible passage regarding judging people.

He made this statement while commenting on the Agyin-Asare-Nogokpo brouhaha on United Showbiz show on Saturday, June 10.

“Christians worship God through Jesus Christ,” he said. “Indians worship God through Buddha. Muslims worship God through Prophet Muhammad. My great-grandfathers and grandfathers worshipped God through deities.”

He said other religions in Ghana do not preach against Christians but it’s a different scenario when it comes to the followers of Jesus Christ.

“I haven’t seen traditionalists condemning or preaching against Christianity. The Bible itself said ‘Do not judge so you won’t be judged’ but Christians are too intolerant and judgemental. This is what breeds religious conflicts. They should allow everyone to practice their respective religions.”

“Christians are not God but sometimes they make it seem God doesn’t possess any powers. They fight on behalf of God but the Bible preaches the opposite. No one can fight for God,” he opined.

Kwame A Plus called for peace to reign between Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare and the elders and chiefs of Nogokpo. He said the chiefs should accept the initial apology from Agyin-Asare for the sake of peace and tolerance.

“Let everyone be calm. Worship of God is good. No religion will encourage its members to steal or do the opposite of good after closing their services. Every religion preaches things that are morally right. Everyone is born with a conscience so that should be the guide for every human.”

“Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare has apologised. Let this brouhaha end,” he added.

Watch Kwame A Plus’ opinion on the whole matter below.

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