I spend GH¢200 on electricity daily – Mzbel on high cost of living

I spend GH¢200 on electricity daily – Mzbel on high cost of living

Hiplife icon Mzbel has expressed her dismay at the rising cost of living in Ghana, echoing the sentiments of many struggling citizens.

Taking to Instagram, she vocalized her frustration over the exorbitant prices of goods and services, shedding light on the economic challenges facing the population.

Owning a restaurant herself, Mzbel disclosed that the inflated prices have significantly impacted her business operations.

She lamented the fact that a single tomato now costs GH¢5, and the escalating expenses of ingredients and supplies are making it increasingly difficult for her establishment to function profitably.

In addition to the soaring cost of goods, the music legend also highlighted the burden of increased electricity tariffs.

Since the installation of new meters, she revealed that she is now shelling out GH¢200 daily on electricity, a substantial expenditure that is straining her financial resources.

Calling on the government to implement effective measures to stabilize the economy and alleviate the cost of living, Mzbel emphasized the urgency of addressing these pressing issues.

With citizens feeling the pinch of high prices and financial burdens, her plea resonates with many others experiencing similar hardships in the current economic climate.