Barbra Streisand Gives Moving Speech at SAG Awards, Recalls Dream of Becoming an Actress: “I Didn’t Like Reality”

I didn’t like reality – Barbra Streisand recalls dream of becoming actress at SAG Awards

Barbra Streisand, a Hollywood legend, was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles. Streisand, known for her diverse career as a singer, actress, writer, producer, and director, reminisced about her childhood dreams of becoming an actress. She shared how watching movies as a teenager provided an escape from reality and inspired her to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

Streisand credited two men, director William Wyler and cinematographer Harry Stradling Sr., for supporting her opinions and ideas on her first film, “Funny Girl.” She expressed gratitude for their willingness to collaborate and credited them for setting the tone for her successful career.

During the ceremony, Streisand was praised by presenters Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper, who highlighted her groundbreaking career achievements. Aniston spoke about Streisand’s impact on the industry as the first woman to write, produce, direct, and star in a major studio film, “Yentl.” Cooper commended Streisand for her commitment to realizing her creative visions and her efforts to improve her past work by re-releasing films with additional scenes.

Streisand also reflected on the power of storytelling in film, citing a recent viewing of the French film “Une Belle Course” that left her moved and reminded her of her love for cinema. She emphasized the importance of creating connections through honest storytelling and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the film industry.

In her closing remarks, Streisand addressed the current rise in antisemitism and expressed her dream of a world free from prejudice. The ceremony concluded with an emotional standing ovation for the 81-year-old icon, showcasing the impact of her remarkable and unprecedented career in the entertainment industry.