Calvin Harris Says He Plans to Quit DJing “Once I Get Past 50”

Calvin Harris to quit DJing once he gets past 50

Calvin Harris, the renowned music producer-songwriter, recently shared some thoughts on his future in the music industry.

In an interview with U.K. radio station Capital Dance, Harris revealed that he plans to stop DJing in approximately 10 years when he crosses the age of 50.

The “This Is What You Came For” artist expressed his views on DJing, stating, “I always said that once I get past 50, I can’t see me DJing, man.” Host MistaJam pointed out that British DJ Carl Cox is still active at the age of 61, indicating that age is not necessarily a barrier to continuing in the industry.

Harris humorously commented on the commercial aspect of DJing, mentioning that it can become “a wee bit… a little bit suspect” on the more commercial end.

While Harris has garnered immense success with his live performances at major festivals like Coachella, he mentioned that his true passion lies in the studio. He expressed his desire to focus on producing music for other artists and making their records sound good.

The artist, known for hits like “We Found Love,” “This Is What You Came For,” and “Summer,” revealed that he plans to shift his focus to producing for other artists in a few years, around the age of 42 or 43.

Having risen to fame with his debut album “I Created Disco” in 2007, Harris has collaborated with numerous artists and achieved significant success with his music, including multiple top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

While embracing this new decade in his life, Harris jokingly mentioned googling anti-aging supplements in anticipation of his 40s. He also humorously shared the challenge of keeping up with his energetic wife, Vick Hope.

As fans look forward to enjoying Harris’s live sets for a few more years, the artist is gearing up for a transition to a new chapter in his music career behind the scenes in the studio.