Reggae and dancehall artiste, African China, reflected on the early 2000s as a pivotal time in Nigerian music history. In an interview with Saturday Beats, he emphasized the role that he and other artists played in shaping the industry to its current state.

African China expressed his concern about the lack of respect shown to veteran artists by the younger generation. He highlighted the challenges they faced in promoting Nigerian music before the era of digital music platforms.

During that period, Nigerian musicians were up against international heavyweights like 2pac Shakur, P Diddy, Jenifer Lopez, R Kelly, and Busta Rhymes. African China noted that their competition was not with fellow Nigerian artists but with established global icons.

Addressing the issue of respect, African China clarified that older artists are not seeking monetary compensation from younger artists but simply asking for acknowledgement of their contributions to the industry.

As the music scene continues to evolve, African China’s perspective serves as a reminder of the challenges and sacrifices made by earlier generations to pave the way for today’s artists.