My boobs attract men with good, bad intentions — Njideka George

Actress Njideka George claims her ‘boobs attract men with good and bad intentions’

Njideka George, a popular content creator and actress, recently opened up about the attention she receives from men with both good and bad intentions.

In a viral video, she shared her experience as a busty woman, detailing the kinds of men who approach her.

Speaking to Saturday Beats, George mentioned, “I definitely get a lot of attention from men. Men with both good and bad intentions come to me. I have encountered both types, but I believe that there are good men out there, and I trust that God is preparing one for me.”

When asked about handling negative comments online, she shared her belief in God’s timing and how she overcame hurtful remarks in the past. Despite facing backlash and criticism, George remains resilient. She explained, “The bad comments only motivate me to work harder and prove my worth.”

Reflecting on her journey into content creation, George recalled her transition from acting to creating engaging content. She realized the power of her personality in capturing people’s attention and decided to leverage it through social media.

Content creation not only showcased her acting talents but also boosted her online presence.