Watch video of Serwaa Amihere happily talking about helping poor single mothers

Watch video of Serwaa Amihere happily talking about helping poor single mothers

The inspiring work of Ghanaian media personality Serwaa Amihere has captured the attention of many as a video of her discussing her philanthropic efforts goes viral.

In a recent interview with Angel FM, Amihere shared her dedication to supporting those in need, with a particular focus on single mothers facing challenges.

During her conversation with Okyeame Kwame, Amihere highlighted the importance of assisting individuals who struggle to afford daily meals and expressed her deep concern for single mothers.

She announced her upcoming projects to provide support and essential items to these women, calling on corporate entities to join her in making a positive impact.

Amihere’s commitment to uplifting marginalized communities serves as an inspiration for others to contribute to positive change. Her plea for corporate support underscores the need for collaborative efforts to address social challenges effectively.

However, amidst her philanthropic work, Amihere is currently under scrutiny due to a leaked video allegedly featuring her with businessman Henry Fritz. The video has sparked controversy and garnered attention on social media platforms.

Despite these allegations, Amihere’s dedication to helping those in need and her call for support from the corporate sector remain at the forefront of her mission to make a difference in the lives of single mothers and other marginalized individuals.

Her work continues to inspire others to join her in creating positive change in the community.