Okomfour Kwadee’s condition is ‘family matter’ – Quick Action 

Okomfour Kwadee’s condition is ‘family matter’ – Producer Quick Action

Ghanaian music producer Joseph Appiah, also known as Quick Action, has shared his views on the current health situation of popular musician Okomfour Kwadee, referring to it as a “family matter.”

A recent video surfaced online showing Kwadee looking frail and unwell while performing for a crowd, sparking concerns among fans and industry players. This has led to discussions about the artist’s mental health and financial stability, as he has previously been to rehab multiple times.

Quick Action, who is a close friend of Kwadee, revealed that he last heard from him in November 2023 when the musician mentioned traveling to his hometown for a family gathering. When asked about his reaction to the video, Quick Action stated that it had become a family issue, limiting what he could disclose.

Despite attempting to contact Kwadee, Quick Action was unable to reach him as his number was unreachable. He emphasized that there are limitations to what one can do for another individual, even if they care deeply for them.

In the past, Quick Action had offered help to Kwadee, but faced criticism from the public, accusing him of exploiting the artist. He recounted an incident where he helped Kwadee secure a performance at the RTP Awards, only to be accused of misusing the artist’s funds.

Several industry personalities, including Abraham Ohene Djan, Ogunskele, Hammer Nti, and Evangelist Lord Kenya, have attempted to assist Kwadee medically without success. Reportedly, Kwadee’s mother has thwarted these efforts, leading to disinterest from industry insiders in providing further support.

Quick Action expressed hope that divine intervention would bring positive outcomes for Kwadee, stressing that his unique style of music and storytelling made him stand out in the industry. Kwadee is known for hits such as ‘Abrantie’, ‘Ofie Nipa’, ‘Meko M’anim’, and ‘Ataa Adwoa’.