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24/7 Live Radio featuring Wave, Trapwave, Chilltrap, lofi, ambient music vaportrap and more. Perfect music to study, chill, relax, and have a good time. If you want more music like this subscribe to our channel and follow TIME.

✅ TIME – Our Second Wave channel.



What anime is the gif from?
➥ Tari Tari

What anime is the thumbnail from?
➥ Cowboy Bebop

What is “Vaportrap”?
➥ Vaportrap is basically Wave (as described above). The name came from mixing the word Vaporwave with trap thus Vaportrap was born. Vaportrap has some similarities to Vaporwave like the synths used to make Vaporwave.

What is Lofi Hip Hop?
➥ Its muffled and slow hip hop with a chill vibe to it.

What is “Wave’?
➥ Wave is usually a hybrid between trap and ambient music. The genre is fairly new and it’s not fully official just yet. We are trying to make Wave an official genre by sharing this genre on YT and other platforms.

Why did you start promoting Wave and not another genre?
➥ Wave is a very niche specific genre. It’s mainly targeted for people that just want to lay back and relax. Our team is the same way. We just enjoy chill music in general and since Wave was a new thing, why not help promote something that’s still fresh and new?

How long do you plan to livestream?
➥ Till the computer crashes 😛

How many tracks are in this stream?
➥ For now, roughly 200-300. We plan on adding around 1,000-1,200 songs in the upcoming weeks.

Do you guys have a Discord group chat?

Will you ever sell merchandise?
➥ When the channel gets bigger, for sure.


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