The Witcher 3: Emotional and Relaxing Music Part Three

After searching for a long time for remaining relaxing or emotional content I decided to upload a third and last emotional and relaxing mix for The Witcher 3 and it’s expansions Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine. Especially for my fellow Witcher Fans, enjoy it. It has been amazing for me to see so much people impressed by the Witcher lore and it’s moments. I’m glad we share the same passion together and relive it’s moments long after we played the game through it’s music.

This video contains a 46 minutes selection of songs which weren’t included in part one or two. With exception from Kaer Morhen and Whispers of Oxenfurt. In part one the vocal version of Whispers of Oxenfurt was included, I dedicded to include the instrumental version in this video. All songs are from the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and it’s two expansions (Hearts of stone and Blood and wine).

The Kaer Morhen mix was made by me. I was editing two ambient sounds from the Kaer Morhen region and noticed I could forge them into one. And because I had so much nostalgia I couldn’t leave it to include the orginal Kaer Morhen Soundtrack. I will probably upload this mix individually later.

This video includes pictures who illustrates sceneries, memorable moments, and characters from the game. These pictures are also fitting to the music and can let you relive the story of Geralt of Rivia.

The Witcher 3 is an adult rpg. Some of these dramatic moments are illustrated in pictures combined with the more soft emotional songs.

All the songs and pictures belong to their rightful owner CD Projekt Red the creators of the Witcher gaming franchise.

The music is composed by Marcin Przybyłowicz, Mikolai Stroinski and Percival.

US= Unofficial soundtrack (Excluded out of the official soundtrack but appeared in the game)

The Witcher 3: One hour of Emtional and Relaxing Music Part One:

The Witcher 3: One hour of Emotional and Relaxing Music Part Two:

Song list

00:00 Bonnie At Morn (Instrumental) (Wild Hunt) (US)
02:29 A Talk In The Palace (Wild Hunt) (US)
05:28 Explore (Blood and Wine) (US)
07:30 Dettlaff’s Music Box (Blood and Wine) (US)
09:08 Vivienne (Blood and Wine) (US)
10:45 Novigrad City Theme (Wild Hunt) (US)
15:30 The Moon over Mount Gorgon (Blood and Wine)
17:34 Farewell, old friend (Wild Hunt)
20:27 Beyond Hill and Dale (Blood and Wine)
23:32 Whispers of Oxenfurt (Instrumental) (Wild Hunt)
27:47 The Wolf and the Swallow (Wild Hunt)
30:26 Fairy Tale (Blood and Wine) (US)
32:36 I Name Thee Dea And Embrace Thee As My Daughter (Wild Hunt) (US)
33:58 Kaer Morhen Ambient 1 & 2 + Kaer Morhen Also named as “Memories Of Kaer Morhen” (Mix by Prestigious_Gaming) (Wild Hunt)
40:19 Swamps (Wild Hunt) (US)
43:33 Bonnie At Morn (Vocal) (Wild Hunt) (US)

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