The Ghana Haka – Now becoming famous?

Ghana vs Togo International Friendly, 4 September 2016, Accra Sports Stadium, 2pm
Programme Lineup

1. A moment of silence for the late President BASSIROU M. Kadio of the Burkina Faso Rugby Union who has passed on.
2. Introduction of teams by Captains to Mr Herbert Mensah (GRFU President) and Vice Président Mr TOSSOU Komlan Pierrot, Togo Rugby Union
3. Team lineup /pictures
4. National anthems (Togo [ then Ghana [
5. Kickoff…

Match Official – Ignace NDRI (Ivory Coast)
Assistant Match Officials:
– Ishmael Adamah – Linesman (Ghana)
– Benson Botwey – Linesman (Ghana)
– Robert Oram – 4th Official (Ghana)
Match Commissioner – Steve Noi (Ghana)