Study in Ghana – Home to Africa’s Most Exciting Music, Arts & Culture

Study in Ghana, West Africa with ThisWorldMusic ( and experience the best in traditional African music, arts and culture! People come from around the globe for the educational opportunity to study in Ghana, which is also known to many academics as the ‘Gateway to Africa.’ They come for the good food, friendly people, lively culture and historical sites like Kakum Park, Cape Coast Castle and Kejetia Market in Kumasi.

Many university study abroad students also enjoy studying in Ghana because English is the official language and because the country is very safe for foreigners. In the capital city Accra, musicians and dancers can learn about Ghanaian highlife music, kpanlogo (sometimes spelled panlogo) African drumming, hip-life music, and other forms of music, art and drumming of Africa. People enjoy eating indigenous African food such as fufu, banku and tilapia fish with jollof rice. Other people who travel to Ghana go to Kumasi, the former seat of the Ashanti Kingdom, where there is still an active African chief.

Ghana was formerly called the ‘Gold Coast’ and to this day there is active gold mining that takes place. In addition, they recently discovered oil, which may change the nation someday from a developing country into an industrialized country. Oil companies have recently started offshore oil drilling near the Ghanaian city of Takoradi, which is the capital of the Western Region. The potential for economic growth is quite astounding, and greater than at any other time in Ghana’s history. Those on summer study abroad programs and others who study in Ghana know about this growth phenomenon from studying Nigeria, which is also in West Africa though not right on the Gulf of Guinea. Since Ghana is on the Atlantic coast, it borders Togo on one side and Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) on the other.

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