School’s Out Song from Pop Music High Music Video. Totally TV

Pop Music High School’s Out Song from Totally TV Music Video Series with Mermaids & Dancing

The students at Pop Music High are ready for school to end and summer to begin. They’re celebrating the end of the school year with a fun pop song for kids that’s all about summer. The School’s Out music video is full of singing, dancing, a crazy teacher, and even mermaids! We guarantee School’s Out will be one of your favorite summer songs. If you love summer come join the celebration at Pop Music High. Featuring: Alexa Anderson as Khloe, Jenn Barlow as Zina, Patrick Brown as Zach, Julin Jean as Mrs. Cushionberry, Margeaux Jordan as Harper, George McLachlan as Farcus, Weston Meredith as Wes, Andre Myers as Caleb, and Lindsey Jean Roetzel as Loretta.

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