sarkodie ft ace hood new guy lyrics

Sarkodie ft Ace Hood – New Guy lyrics video
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Im the new guy
I made it from the slums back in Africa
Where most of my niggas committed suicide
Every story got a two side
T-shirt tryna make it to the suit and tie
You kno a nigga gotta survive, its do or die
We gotta make it and its really up to you and i
Started from the bottom nigga really did a lot
So tell me who am i?
Boys aint there, when someone calls his/her God
So lemme relax i wanna move forward
I’ve promise my fans the light at my back is on
Like i do everyday like T.B Joshua do on his synagogue
The heavy back of my jacket is wet cus of my rap
The ground is dry but still im waitin for the rain
Rappers dont move me nowadays, shutouts to Senavoe
The rap is from my mouth, pagagagagaga like rifle
I’ve speed the flow from kilo to tonnes
Rap is from America but it truly belongs to
the blacks
So im free to curse on a song
Fuck around with me and i’ll use spanner to
choke your lungs
Who said rap is difficult? we started from 97
Sometimes at 11:00 at night
Me and my friend Kevin
He and I, we be disturbin the neighborhood
Tema community 9
Still i see my hood as heaven
There’s vim in the rap
Start my track
Check, my stamp is on it
Drop my Sark song
And set me trap again
Obidi style aint in the market
Time aint there so ignore
24/7 they use my rap to diss
I no bore cus it comes with it
Came from the ghetto
What you gone teach me?
Im great
My people dey call me Obidiponbidi

Ace, lemme take you to Africa
My people dey love you
I came here you showed me some love
and I promise to build you a statue, uh
Ace Hood welcome
And Sark is a hell of a nation
I’ve signed your name in Kumasi
I’ve approved it you dont need any confirmation