Sankofa – An Educational Video Game set in Ghana

Sankofa gets its name from a word in Twi, meaning literally, “go back and seek it”, and aims to bring the cultural history of Ghana to life through gameplay. Play as a young girl on what starts out as a typical day in the West African society of the Asante, an Akan kingdom in what is now modern day Ghana. Learn about Asante culture by finding your Asante name, exploring a village and bustling marketplace, and meeting people and learning about their trades, including the famous Ananse, the spider trickster spirit with a notorious love of yams! Play through parts of beloved Ananse tales, and ultimately tell one yourself by using traditional Adinkra symbol stamps to make your own storytelling cloth just as the Asante do!

Sankofa aims to bring to life ethnographically-authentic historical Ghana in everything from the characters to the environments, giving a cultural understanding of history not regularly covered in standard educational curriculum. Schools may cover the topic of slavery, but there is not often an opportunity to understand and relate to the personalities and day to day lives of the people affected by it. The Sankofa team hopes that players will have a chance to “go back and seek” the cultural history of Ghana and the Asante through this game!

Created at University of California, Irvine