Dr. Cindy Jacobs, a prophetess of God Almighty, gave the following prophecy about the nation of Ghana at the 2016 FGBMFI World Convention in San Jose, Costa Rica. FGBMFI Stands for Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International. The conference took place between July 6th – 9th, 2016.
The Lord says, there is the wind of the Holy Spirit moving across Ghana. There is a great awakening coming to the Nation. And the Lord says all the Prayers from the generations; the grandmothers, the grandfathers, the Prayers, the National times of Prayers have now heaped up and the Lord says; watch and see what I am getting ready to do: for there’s going to be revival among the youth in the villages.
And the Lord says; this will be the day of the evangelist, where I am going to raise up from your sons and daughters great evangelists, the great harvest and with this harvest I am going to release prosperity and many of you have prayed and the Lord says: it is the time of the *Cyrus* for Ghana. And there are treasures in the earth of Ghana that I am getting ready to unlock.
And the Lord says; I am getting ready to blow upon your investments. I am getting ready to double your net worth. There’s going to be revival at the Banks, there’s going to be revival in the Schools, there’s going to be revival in the Financial sector.
And the Lord says; you’re the Cyrus to unlock the Treasures. Hallelujah. You’re a soul winner. Souls are my Treasure.