Our Trip To Ghana 2016

**Thanks for watching our video**
Hope you enjoyed our footage from our trip to Ghana,
8/7-16 – 17/7-16.

Video made by: Hannah Lindgren and Stine Lagerquist
Email: danswegha@gmail.com

ALL MUSIC IS BY: Anderson Paak (
0:00- 1.57 Luh You ( Venice Album)
2:14- 05:09 The Waters, ft. BJ the Chicago Kid ( Malibu Album)
05:75- 08:52 Lite Weight, ft. The Free Nationals Unite Choir ( Malibu Album)
09:02- 12:20 Miss Right ( Venice Album)
12:54 – The End. Parking Lot ( Malibu Album)

Used by permission of master rights holders;
Granted by
OBE/Steel Wool/Art Club/Empire

We do not own any of the music above. Nothing of this is for commercial use.