Mabel Suglo: Eco Shoes in Ghana


At the age of 21, Mabel Suglo from Ghana co-founded the Eco-Shoes Project. The idea started from her need to make shoes for her grandmother. With no materials to use, Mabel innovated by using old tyres and other waste materials to make her unique shoes and bags.

A key part of Eco-Shoes is that Mabel uses disabled artisan shoe makers to produce the shoes. Inspired by her grandmother, who is also disabled, Mabel empowers other disabled people by employing them and teaching them transferable skills.

‘I saw disabled artisans, so I decided to walk up to some of them and ask if they would like to be offered a job that would earn them income – more income than what they getting,’ says Mabel.

‘I asked them whether they were prepared to work hard for it, and they said “yes”.

‘Production has increased because the demand for the shoes is really high. We are able to produce 1,500 shoes as compared with 500 last year.’

Mabel also provides mentoring and training for her employees. We think Mabel Suglo is a truly inspiring African woman. Share if you agree that Mabel is an inspirational example to many.

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