Learning Time Customer Interview: Vivian Yawson, Ghana

This mother from Ghana has been using the Learning Time A+ Program for her 13-month son, since he was 7 months old.

In this interview, Vivian tells other parents why should bought the Learning Time A+ Program, what’s so special about, how her son is learning so much at such a young age!

Learning Time is a publisher and marketer of early learning products for today’s kids and parents. The A+ Program, now marketed in 18 countries around the world, focuses on building Awareness, Ability and Attitude to help children excel.

These customer interviews are conducted without any scripts, rehearsals or professional equipment. The customers featured in these interviews have all bought the program on regular price and derive no personal gains from being interviewed and sharing their experiences.

For more info on Learning Time or the A+ Program, please visit www.LearningTime.co