Kofi Kinaata blast Ghana Musicians especially SARKODIE. The whole Ghana am the best Rapper

I am an article writer and not a rapper or a rap analyst, but I am a strong proponent of GH Rap! This list would demonstrate how opinionated I am concerning rap matters in our music industry.
And everyone would definitely dispute this list, but that is my candid opinion which has some credibility. Let me also opine that the criteria for the selection of ´´The Top 10 Ghanaian Rappers of All Time´´ are:
(a) Lyrical Content.
(b) Style.
(c) Skill.
(d) Class.
(e) Rhythm.
(f) Creativity.
(g) Consistency.
(h) Awards (The Controversial Criterion).
Therefore, here are the Top 10 Ghanaian Rappers of All Time:
(10) Kofi Kinaata.
Kofi Kinaata; the Fante rap god is the epitome of rap simplicity, because he makes rap music look incredibly simply though his lyrics are somehow difficult to interpret in plain language.
(9)Yaa Pono
Yaa Pono; Mr. Punchline is a highly skilled rapper who does ´ghetto´ rap which is always thought-provoking though humorous in nature.
(8) E.L.
E.L.; the stylistic rapper does Ghanaian hiphop with classic technical features and methods as his accolade suggests.
(7) Tinny.
Tinny; the Ga rapper raps in his native language, Ga whose rap flow rhythmically is really African.
(6) Asem.
Asem; Sir Creativity is one Ghanaian rapper who has the formidable ability to produce creative tracks which are mostly pleasing to the ears.
(5) Reggie Rockstone.
Reggie Rockstone; Mr. Hiplife fuses his western style of rap with African rhythm to produce high-class hiplife tracks.
(4) M.anifest.
M.anifest; the blessed rapper has a considerable proportion of each criterion listed above making him a great blessing to GH Rap.
(3) Okyeame Kwame.
Okyeame Kwame; Rap Doctor is the best lyricist in Ghana´s rap music because of his highly artistic rap style which has irresistible elements.
(2) Sarkodie.
Sarkodie; the reigning Ghanaian rapper has the best brand value as a Ghanaian rapper because he is the redefinition of GH Rap.
(1) Obrafour.
Obrafour; the lord of GH Rap has undisputed mastery over indigenous rap music, and he is the definition of GH Rap whose great wisdom spices up his lyrical content, skill, style, creativity and class.