Jesus says “Travel With Me” -Ghana continuation wedding videos and pics!

I noticed that the videos and pics weren’t attached on the last video lol So here are the videos and pics from my Ghana trip and my cousin’s wedding I had the opportunity to be apart of! They met and even through the storms they were dedicated to do this relationship in Gods way. For 4 years waiting until they got married and God blessed them with a beautiful wedding and even more beautiful marriage in Jesus name!

Prophetic word from the Lord about marriage and waiting on him: Temptation Against Purity Be On Guard (still small voice)

Jesus speaks :”Be smarter than the enemy, My Children. Do not allow him to steal your purity or compromise and ruin your lives with the wrong spouse. Wait until I designate a spouse for you. Wait until I reveal a match truly made in Heaven. The repercussions are lifelong and beyond even this generation.

“Yet know that even now, if you’ve walked into the wrong relationship, I can and will still do what is necessary to help you lead a fulfilling life. Just remain vigilant, faithful and obedient to Me. It is not always in your power to win every confrontation with evil, but it is in Mine.”- Jesus

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This world will soon come to an end and I want you to be saved those I know and don’t Know please don’t harden your hearts please ask Jesus For forgiveness for ALL of your sins and ask him to come into your heart, fill you with his spirit that you might know him and be saved!