How to reform justice in Africa | Justice Julia Sarkodie Mensah | TEDxAccra

There are no street children in Kigali, due to their social justice systems children in Rwanda are not in the streets, they are not In the prisons but in the classrooms, and in the mainstream of the economy” Justice Sarkodie, stretches on how Ghana wastes a lot of resources on jailing a person for a Preventable crime. Through social justice measures or rehabilitation and supporting mediation, she urged the government and the public to create facilities that would turn these young criminals into better people

She is a highly motivated and result oriented woman with a passion to bring about change, make a difference and leave a good legacy in her profession as a jurist, a diplomat and as a woman. With several experiences all over Africa, justice Sarkodie-Mensah believes she, as a jurist and legal consultant over the years and working in different jurisdictions in Africa and outside Africa has exposed her to many situations that she feels the need to share

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