Halfcast girls Ghana TAG

Hey guys! This is us doing a video to the Ghanaian Tag.
Hope you all enjoy it. 🙂
PS: dont take the hair comment in the video to heart, we are joking!

And yes, we have facebook but we got toooo many requests Lol
We are sorry that we can’t reply to every comment or message but w work hard Lol


1. What part of Ghana Are you From? Which Tribe?
2. Where you born in Ghana?
3. What is your Ghanaian name?
4. What is your fav Ghanaian dish?
5. Show some Ghanaian clothing you own
6. What do you have in your home from Ghana?
7. Do you speak a Ghanaian language? Which?
8. When was the last time you visited Ghana?
9. Who is your fav Ghanaian artist?